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Deck Features

Standard specifications

- Joist spacing at 12"- 16" for all treated decking. Joist spacing for all vinyl decking will be at 12"-16".

- The deck supporting post to be sunk 36"- 42" and each post hole to contain at least 160# of concrete/gravel mix.

- Before the new deck header is installed on all the existing siding /old header will be removed and the area will be properly flashed, caulked, and a drip edge will be installed. New installs only.

- The deck header will be fastened to the house rim joist with lag screws or carriage bolts. All deck rim joists to be lag screwed to the supporting posts.

- Zinc plated joist hangers will be utilized with at all joist joints, and zinc plated corner brackets will be used at all corner joists joints.

- Staircases will have standard 7" rise and 12" run, unless a custom staircase is requested.

- Deck materials will be presorted at the supplier, to eliminate damaged, cracked, or badly warped materials.

- Triple coated deck screws to be utilized with all treated lumber installations, no nails. Stainless steel color matching screws or the cortex hidden fastener system w/ plugs will be utilized with all of the Azek vinyl material installations.